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Lyrical Spot is your first stop for all your latest Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae lyrics, as well as other Caribbean genres. Fans can correct lyrics as they see fit and within a few hours see your changes on our site. Users may also sign up for free and post their lyrics instantly!

Jamaican Dancehall, Reggae Lyrics

We try to offer the best Jamaican Dancehall, Reggae lyrics from our little island, as soon as they are released. View our most popular or latest lyrics and keep up to date with other Dancehall lovers right from our home page. Our team is working hard to add correct lyrics and as many new songs as possible, however users can submit their own lyrics or submit corrections to existing lyrics if necessary. You can search our lyrics by song name, artistes or by albums.

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Don’t see a song you like? Hit the Submit button and submit your own lyrics (no sign up needed) or contact us and we will attempt to add lyrics within 24-48 hours. Or, sign up and become an official Lyrical Spot lyric author and instantly submit your own lyrics. Our admin team is working hard to add lyric translations from Patois to English as well as lyric meanings for fans of Jamaican Dancehall, Reggae lyrics.

Established May 2016

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