Vybz kartel masicka infrared lyrics

Infrared Lyrics

Vybz Kartel & Masicka – Infrared Lyrics [Intro: Vybz Kartel & Masicka] Yo yo, TJ Dawg dem a mi dawg dem Nut’n too cyaa talk out from you diss the dawg dem inuh Gaza, Genahsyde Yo [Chorus: Vybz Kartel & Masicka] My dawg dem haffi live (pow) Mi dawg dem haffi live F**k a bag […]

Alkaline Fast Lyrics
popcaan jungle justice

Jungle Justice

Popcaan – Jungle Justice Lyrics [Intro] Yo Icon Weh mi rope dem deh bring him (ye now) Kill him (kill him) Henging tree Ba**ybwoi raper bwoi unnu a guh dead p**sy [Verse 1] Inna di, bl**dcl**t place mi from Unruly nuh support nuh raper man, no Some bwoi a mussi ba**yman How the f**k dem […]

Kartel & Kymani marley Cool and Deadly Lyrics

Cool and Deadly

Vybz Kartel & Kymani Marley – Cool and Deadly Lyrics [Intro] Yo yo yo Chu Weh dem know bout this Yo yo Now special request to all yard man Yard man inna America Yard man inna England Yard man inna Canada same way Chu, Ketch it [Pre-Chorus: Vybz Kartel] Now mi seh special request now […]

Vybz Kartel - What Next Lyrics

What Next

Vybz Kartel – What Next Lyrics [Intro] Yo Leng, Yes dawg mi just wake up dawg But, watch tha radio car deh dawg Cockburn Pen When mi wake early a do the dirt Glock inna mi pocket, man naa’ve on no shirt Fat spliff a bun, hot beer, buss a burp And a watch bere […]

Vybz Kartel - You Make Me Cry Lyrics

Your Little Shorts

Vybz Kartel – Your Little Shorts Lyrics [Intro] You never know that you’re my hero You are the girl I want to be with And I can fly higher than an eagle You are the wind beneath my wings [Chorus] You have two titty and a kitty like every other gyal But nutten bou’ you […]

vybz kartel - 2016

Gal Dem Sugar

Konshens – Girls Dem Sugar Lyrics [Intro:] New Government You know! Welcome the girls dem sugar The girls dem need this, need this Welcome the girls dem sugar [Verse 1:] Yo! Mi don Do the mathematical calculation How di gyal dem love we inna every nation? Some of dem fall in love, some ketch infatuation […]

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