Vybz Kartel - What Next Lyrics

What Next

Vybz Kartel – What Next Lyrics [Intro] Yo Leng, Yes dawg mi just wake up dawg But, watch tha radio car deh dawg Cockburn Pen When mi wake early a do the dirt Glock inna mi pocket, man naa’ve on no shirt Fat spliff a bun, hot beer, buss a burp And a watch bere […]

Vybz Kartel - You Make Me Cry Lyrics
vybz kartel - 2016

Gal Dem Sugar

Konshens – Girls Dem Sugar Lyrics [Intro:] New Government You know! Welcome the girls dem sugar The girls dem need this, need this Welcome the girls dem sugar [Verse 1:] Yo! Mi don Do the mathematical calculation How di gyal dem love we inna every nation? Some of dem fall in love, some ketch infatuation […]

Mavado - Get Up Lyrics

Get Up

Mavado – Get Up Lyrics [Intro] Ahh, yeah Get Up Tell me who a guh do it fi you (Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody) Tell me who a guh do it fi all [Verse 1] Man never see nuh dinner till a past nine Memba days when mi only have mi last dime Now a tour […]

alkaline extra lesson

Extra Lesson

Alkaline – Extra Lesson Lyrics [Intro] Extra extra extra extra lesson A nuh everybody got e blessing Some man need lesson Some man need extra lessons Dawg you breed di fuss gyal weh you ever get Wah you a talk bout Careful! Well well well Yo Frass Yaa hear mi [Chorus] Dem a nuh no […]

Vybz Kartel Number One Lyrics

Number One

Vybz Kartel – Number One Lyrics [Intro] You a di owner A you own dancehall A you own the music fraternity Dancehall CEO, AKA the Commander in charge Ain’t no mo’f**ker Bad like my belt buckle Me and Spice a the king and queen And we come from Portmore scheme [Chorus] Who me? The number […]

alkaline spoil you lyrics

Spoil You

Alkaline – Spoil You Lyrics [Intro] Well well well well Well well well well Spoil you Yellow moon, Yellow moon Yeah yeah [Pre-Chorus] Bounce fi mi, bounce fi mi nuh Rest yuh standard pon the grung fi mi nuh Tek it out off draw it dung fi mi nuh Yaa hear me [Chorus] Baby just […]

Mavado - Mr. Dead Lyrics

Mr. Dead

Mavado – Mr. Dead Lyrics Number 2 cell! Adidjah Palmer! Mr. Dead come fi you! And I cyaa help you you hear sah! [Verse 1] P**sy Nuh tell mi bout step Any step dem haffi order you step Any step you step a when e warder a step Headless body when the Brawla a step […]

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