shri radhe radhe radhe barsane wali radhe lyrics
shri radhe radhe radhe barsane wali radhe lyrics

radhe radhe radhe barsane wali radhe

radhe radhe radhe barsane wali radhe

radhe radhe radhe barsane wali radhe is a devotional chant expressing devotion to Lord Krishna, specifically in his form as Radha’s beloved. The repetition of “Radhe” reflects a call to the divine, seeking spiritual connection and surrender. Barsane Wali Radhe refers to Radha from Barsana, a village associated with Krishna’s playful pastimes. The chant embodies a deep yearning for divine love, emphasizing the divine connection with Radha-Krishna. It’s a powerful mantra to invoke a sense of devotion and connection to the divine energy of Krishna.

radhe radhe radhe barsane wali radhe lyrics

Jai radhe radhe jai radhe radhe,
Brijbhan dulhari radhe radhe,
Bhakton ki pyari radhe radhe,
Ho shyama pyari radhe radhe,
Haridas dulari radhe radhe,
Rasko ki pyari radhe radhe,
Hamari pyari radhe radhe,
Tumhari pyari radhe radhe,
Ham sabki pyari radhe radhe,
Ho pyari pyari radhe radhe,
Jai radhe..

Brindavan mein radhe radhe,
Sunrak gaon mein radhe radhe,
Kalidesh par radhe radhe,
Adyedapat mein radhe radhe,
Taan gali mein radhe radhe,
Mann gali mein radhe radhe,
O’man gali mein radhe radhe,
Gokunj gali mein radhe radhe,

Siva kunj mein radhe radhe,
Prem gali mein radhe radhe,
Shringar bat mein radhe radhe,
Cheer ghat mein radhe radhe,
Kishi ghat pe radhe radhe,
Ajiwdeep mein radhe radhe,
Bandi bat mein radhe radhe,
Gyan gubadi radhe radhe,
Shree radhe radhe
Brahma kund mein radhe radhe,
Ishwar mahadev radhe radhe,
Shree banke bihari radhe radhe,
Shanidev bihari radhe radhe,
Madan mohanji radhe radhe,
Gopinathji radhe radhe,
Rama damodar radhe radhe,
Radha vinodji radhe radhe,
Shakshi gopalji radhe radhe,
Radha madhavji radhe radhe,
Shree radha vallabhji radhe radhe,
Shree yugal kisoriji radhe radhe,
Aasht sakhjiji radhe radhe,
Atal ban mein radhe radhe,
Bihar ban mein radhe radhe,
Gau charan mein radhe radhe,
Gopal ban mein radhe radhe

Brindavan ka kan kan bole shree radha
Shree yamunaji ki lehren bole shree radha radha,

Shree radha radha shree radha radha,
Shyam sundar ki bansi bole shree radha radha.
Braj ki lata vata bole shri radha radha.

Bhumi tatva jal tatva agni tatva wayu tatwa,
Brahma tatva vyom tatva vishnu tatva
Sankal siddhi tatva anand prasiddhi tatva,
Narad suresh tatva shiv tatva gori hai.

Premi kahe naag aur kinnar ko tatva dekhyo,
Shedh aur mahesh tatva milti milti jodi hai,
Tava ke tatva jagjeevan shree krishnachandra,
Aur krish kohu tatva brijbhan ki kishori hai,
Aur krish kohu tatva mein radhika kishori hai.
Shree brindavan bihari lal ki jai,
Shree shani bihari lal ki jai,
Shree radha rani ki jai.


“Radhe Radhe Barsane Wali Radhe” is a devotional chant invoking the divine presence of Radha, a central figure in Hindu mythology. The repetition of “Radhe” signifies devotion and seeking divine blessings. It connects devotees with the spiritual realm, fostering a sense of transcendence and love for the divine. This mantra is particularly associated with the town of Barsana, where Radha is believed to have spent her childhood. Uttering these sacred words is an expression of deep reverence, reinforcing a connection between the devotee and the divine energy embodied by Radha.

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